About the Author

Jacob Kaplan holds a PhD and a master’s degree in criminology from the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from California State University, Sacramento. He is the Chief Data Scientist at the Research on Policing Reform and Accountability RoPRA at Princeton University. His current research portfolio includes evaluating police policy and reforms, place-based crime prevention, measuring spatial crime concentration, and simulating how firing ‘bad apples’ affects police complaints and uses of force. In the past he’s written on the effect of marijuana decriminalization on domestic violence, how increasing the number of police officers affects prison trends, how outdoor lighting affects crime and perception of safety, and public perceptions of forensic science techniques. He is the author of several R packages that make it easier to work with data, including fastDummies and asciiSetupReader. His website allows for easy visualization of crime-related data and he has released over a dozen crime data sets (primarily FBI UCR data) on openICPSR that he has compiled, cleaned, and made available to the public.

For a list of papers he has written (including working papers), please see here.

For a list of data sets he has cleaned, concatenated, and made public, please see here.

For a list of R packages he has created, please see here.